Wednesday, 23 February 2011

St. Laurence News

A Joyous day for the Goddard family

Septuagesima Sunday will live long in the hearts of the Goddard family, who attend the 9.15 am Mass at St. Laurence's Church, Cambridge. During the Mass Dominic Goddard, son of Diane and Stephen Goddard, made his First Holy Communion. The servers at Mass were elder brother Edmund and uncle Justin. Dominic's catechetical instruction was carried out by his parents. The celebrating priest was Fr. Christopher Back.

Dominic receives his First Holy Communion.

After Mass baby John Joseph Patrick Goddard was baptized, also according to the Usus Antiquior. Baby Joseph behaved in impeccable fashion and all present were most impressed at the wonderful beauty and symbolism of the Old Rite Sacrament of Baptism. This was not only a great day for the Goddard family but for the whole parish of St Laurence's.

Baby Joseph during the baptism. No tears!

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