Friday, 29 April 2011

Praying the Roman Breviary (Divinum Officium)

A very important part of our patrimony as Catholics is the Divine Office. It is quite wonderful to develop the habit of praying at least Laudes and Vespers every day of the week and thus participate in the official prayer of the Church. For those of us who prefer to pray the pre-Vativan II version in Latin there are two obvious hurdles to overcome. Firstly, it is difficult to find good quility second-hand copies and secondly the new editions are extremely expensive. One solution is offered by the well-known website

This website gives versions from pre-Tridentine up to that of 1960. Personally I pray the Divino Afflatu version, from the Encyclical of St.Pius X. No matter which version you pray, you are bound to discover a true spiritual treasure.

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