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122. Q. Which are the attributes of the Church?

A. The attributes of the Church are three: authority
 infallibility, and indefectibility.

123. Q. What do you mean by the authority 

of the Church?

A. By the authority of the Church I mean the right and power
which the Pope and the bishops, as the successors of the
Apostles, have to teach and to govern the faithful.

124. Q. What do you mean by the infallibility of the


A. By the infallibility of the Church I mean that the Church
 cannot err when it teaches a doctrine of faith or morals.

125. Q. When does the Church teach infallibly?

A. The Church teaches infallibly when it speaks through
 the Pope and the bishops, united in general council, or
through the Pope alone when he proclaims to all the
faithful a doctrine of faith or morals.

126. Q. What o you mean by the indefectibility of

 the Church?

A. By the indefectibility of the Church I mean that the
 Church, as Christ founded it, will last till the end
of time.

127. Q. In whom are these attributes found in their 


A. These attributes are found in their fullness in the Pope,
the visible Head of the Church, whose infallible authority
 to teach bishops, priests, and people in matters of faith or
morals will last till the end of the world.

128. Q. Has the Church any marks by which it 

may be known?

A. The Church has four marks by which it may be known:
 it is One; it is Holy; it is Catholic; it is Apostolic.

129. Q. How is the Church One?

A. The Church is One because all its members agree in
one faith, are all in one communion, and are all under one Head.

130. Q. How is the Church Holy?

A. The Church is Holy because its founder, Jesus Christ, is
holy; because it teaches a holy doctrine; invites all to a holy
life; and because of the eminent holiness of so many
 thousands of its children.

131. Q. How is the Church Catholic or universal?

A. The Church is Catholic or universal because it subsists
in all ages, teaches all nations, and maintains all truth.

132. Q. How is the Church Apostolic?

A. The Church is Apostolic because it was founded by
 Christ on His Apostles, and is governed by their lawful
 successors, and because it has never ceased, and never
 will cease, to teach their doctrine.

133. Q. In which Church are these attributes 

and marks found?

A. These attributes and marks are found in the
Holy Roman Catholic Church alone.

134. Q. From whom does the Church derive its undying

 life and infallible authority?

A. The Church derives its undying life and infallible authority
from the Holy Ghost, the spirit of truth, who abides with it forever.

135. Q. By whom is the Church made and kept One, Holy, and


A. The Church is made and kept One, Holy, and Catholic by the
 Holy Ghost, the spirit of love and holiness, who unites and
sanctifies its members throughout the world.

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