Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Saint John Fisher Missale

It is a pleasure for me to draw your attention to the St John Fisher Missale, a project undertaken by Catholic members of Cambridge University. It is a great resource for celebrating the Old Rite Mass, particularly the sung form.

Quoting here from the website;

The digital version of the St John Fisher Missale is a work in progress. In its complete form it will consist of a number of PDF-files with the following elements:
  • The Ordo Missæ (available with and without a short Kyriale)
  • The Order of Requiem Mass with some Propers of Masses for the Dead
  • A selection of the Kyriale containing music for several Mass Ordinaries, Creeds and some other chants
  • Proper texts for all Sundays, all feasts of First and Second Class, and some other occasions (like Ember Saturdays or Rogations)

I will  certainly be keeping my eye on this website. Many congratulation to our own Bertold Kress for his involvement in the project.

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