Friday, 9 November 2012

In Dedicatione Basilicae Ss. Salvatoris ~ II. classis

Collect of the Day

Deus, qui nobis per síngulos annos hujus sancti templi tui consecratiónis réparas diem, et sacris semper mystériis repræséntas incólumes : exáudi preces pópuli tui, et præsta; ut quisquis hoc templum benefícia petitúrus ingréditur, cuncta se impetrásse lætétur. Per Dóminum...

O God, who year by year dost renew for us the day of consecration of this Thy holy temple, and dost safely bring us again and again to these holy Mysteries; hear the prayers of Thy people and grant that whosoever enters this Temple to ask blessings of Thee, may joyfully obtain all his petitions. Through...

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