Monday, 31 December 2012

The Holy Father Benedict XVI has named Judges of the Court of Appeals of the Vatican City State the Rev. Msgr. Egidio Turnaturi and the Honorable Dr. Riccardo Turrini Vita.

From we learn that the Holy Father has appointed the Honourable Dr Riccardo Turrini Vita  as a Judge of the Court of Appeals of the Vatican City. What is significant for us is that he is a member of the Presidency of Una Voce ItalySandro Magister discusses this below. The translation is not mine, I hasten to add, but is the fault of Google translator. A discussion also  features on the rorate-caeli blog.

The last two appointments pontifical of 2012 came the very last day of the year. It focused on both the Court of Appeal of the State of Vatican City.
On December 31, Pope Benedict XVI has appointed two new judges of this court.
The first is Bishop Egidio Turnaturi, an emeritus member of the tribunal of the Roman Rota and the Disciplinary Committee of the State of Vatican City. In this latter capacity, last winter, had been entrusted to him the internal investigation to determine the validity of allegations of misconduct raised by the then Interior Secretary Carlo Maria Viganò; allegations in the public domain due to the removal of documents from the then Pope Paul Butler Gabriel.
The second new judge Riccardo Turrini Vita (pictured), 51, magistrate, director general of the Italian staff of the prison, in which capacity he was received by the Pope on 22 November at the conference of directors of prison administrations of Council of Europe.
Turrini Vita is also masterful Knight of Grace of the Order of Malta, Papal Commander of the Order of St. Gregory the Great and member of the Presidency of Una Voce Italy , Association for the Protection of Latin Gregorian liturgy.
As a member of Una Voce, Turrini Vita was one of the organizers of the international pilgrimage made in Rome on 3 November for the fifth anniversary of "Summorum Pontificum" by which Benedict XVI has liberalized the celebration of Mass in the Roman rite pilgrimage culminated with a procession to St. Peter and a Pontifical Mass celebrated in the Basilica by Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship.
The main appointments in the curia of the last months of 2012 were the subject of a recent service www.chiesa . In which, among other things, gave the background to the promotion of Monsignor Pio Vito Pinto as President of the Court of Appeals of the State of Vatican City, the same court which is now part Turnaturi and Turrini Vita.
A promotion even more important was, on 3 November, to Monsignor Guido Pozzo di Bagnoregio to titular archbishop and apostolic almoner , in which office he will distribute to thousands of needy families in the annual income - about one million euro - of parchment with papal blessing requests by the faithful.
Previously, Monsignor Pozzo was secretary of "Ecclesia Dei", the Pontifical Commission aims to bring into full communion with the Catholic Church, the community and the people connected to the schismatic bishop Marcel Lefebvre. Him "Seventh Heaven" in 2010 signaled an important conference which laid the way for a possible agreement.
The "Ecclesia Dei" is presided over by the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith Gerhard Ludwig Müller. And since 26 June 2012 as Vice President has the Dominican Joseph Augustine Di Noia.

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