Thursday, 5 May 2011

News from Woodbridge

The following news has been received from Fr Edmund Eggleston of St.Thomas of Canterbury Church, Woodbridge.

L.M.S. member Josephine Walpole (of Woodbridge) has died. Her Requiem Mass will be offered in the Old Rite, date and time not yet fixed. Fr.David Smith (Army Chaplain now based in N.Ireland) hopes to celebrate the Mass if he can get here. He was a good friend of Josephine's. If he cannot do it, Fr. Eggleston will celebrate the Mass and take the burial. Requiescat in pace.

The Old Rite Mass to be celebrated on Saturday 28th May needs to be cancelled due to a clash with another parish event. Thereafter the Old Rite Masses should continue as published. Fr Eggleston reports that attendance at these Masses is steady and at around 25 people.

We keep Fr. Eggleston and his parish in our prayers.

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