Monday, 7 February 2011

Schola Cantorum at St. Laurence's Church, Cambridge.

The Fifth Sunday after Epiphany saw the nascent St Laurence Schola Cantorum providing the music for the Missa Cantata. The Mass setting was the Missa de Angelis.

The Schola is the brainchild of professional musicologists Chris Hodkinson (first on the left in the above image) and Tina Hodkinson (first on the right). I quote the words of Fr. Christopher Back from Sunday's newsletter;

"The Gregorian chants are always the proper music for Mass, their melodies go back genuinely into the  mists of time and certainly back to the very origins of our faith. In other words, they are not an accompaniment to the Mass, or even an unessential adornment, but part of the life and breath of the Roman Liturgy. When a Low Mass is celebrated it is 'deprived' of the music and solemn ceremonies of a High mass; hence the term 'private Mass', meaning a 'missa deprivata', and not a secret Mass held on a distant hideaway altar!"

The schola first sang together in October 2010 and this is now the third occasion that a Missa Cantata
has taken place at the church of St. Laurence. The picture below shows the Schola during the Credo.

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