Thursday, 27 October 2011

St. Cyril of Jerusalem and Communion in the hand

From rorate-caeli. we have this very important positing regarding communion in the hand. There have been attempts to make this the norm, despite the fact that communion on the tongue is still the normal method. Communicants who receive communion from the Holy Father, for example, are required to do so on the tongue while kneeling.

Regarding the matter of so-called “Communion in the hand,” [Una Fides] presents an article by the Rev. Father. Giuseppe Pace, S.D.B., published in the magazine Chiesa Viva of January 1990 (Civilt√†, Brescia.) [Translation by Rorate contributor Francesca Romana.]

The acorn is a potential oak tree; the oak tree is an acorn that has come to perfection. For the oak to return to being an acorn, presuming that it could do so without dying, would be a regression. It is for this reason the Mediator Dei of Pope Pius XII condemned liturgical antiquarianism as anti-liturgical with these words: “Just as obviously unwise and mistaken is the zeal of one who in matters liturgical would go back to the rites and usage of antiquity, discarding the new patterns introduced by disposition of divine Providence to meet the changes of circumstances and situation. (no.63) (…) This way of acting bids fair to revive the exaggerated and senseless antiquarianism to which the illegal Council of Pistoia gave rise. It likewise attempts to reinstate a series of errors which were responsible for the calling of that meeting as well as for those resulting from it, with grievous harm to souls, and which the Church, the ever watchful guardian of the “deposit of faith” committed to her charge by her divine Founder, had every right and reason to condemn. (no.64)  read more.

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