Monday, 10 December 2012

Benedict XVI: “The Annunciation wouldn’t have made today's headlines”

Speaking on the Spanish Steps in Rome, the Pope recalled how “God can fill all the holes that selfishness creates in the lives of people, families, nations and the world”

Giacomo Galeazzi
Science and ideologies cannot save us, the Pope preached from the Spanish Steps in a cold and windy Piazza di Spagna that was packed to the brim with faithful. The theologian and pastor Pope, mentioned some strong and unequivocal concepts. Man can never stoop so low that God will not come to his rescue and Christianity is not all about prohibitions but is “good news”.

Mary is the model humanity should base itself on. Benedict XVI engages in some deep reflections on the Virgin Mary in his book “Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives”; these are so deep in fact that they almost raise her to co-saviour of humanity. In his brief but very dense reflection, the Pope commented on the Gospel of the Annunciation. He recalled that in Mary “there is no obstacle, there is no screen, there is nothing that can separate her from God. This is the point of her existence which is free from original sin: her relationship with God is completely rift-free; there is no division, there is not a shadow of selfishness, just perfect harmony: her little human heart is perfectly “centred” in God’s big heart.


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