Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Office of Matins on St Paul the First Hermit

From the Office of Matins:

Lectio 3
Paulus, eremitárum auctor et magíster, apud inferiórem Thebáidem natus, persecutióne Décii et Valeriáni sæviénte, in erémi spelúncam se cóntulit; ubi, palma ei victum et vestítum præbénte, sanctíssime vixit ad centésimum et décimum tértium annum, quo témpore ab António nonagenário invísitur. Hunc Paulus humaníssime excépit, mox, sanctis sermónibus in multam noctem prodúctis, admónuit de morte, quæ sibi instáret, simúlque hortátus est, ut pállium, quod ab Athanásio accéperat, ad involvéndum suum corpus áfferret. Quod dum Antónius præstábat, rédiens ex itínere, vidit Pauli ánimam in cælum ascéndere; corpus vero in cella réperit, similitúdinem orántis reddens. Quod cum mæstíssimus, hymnis de more decantátis, pállio obvolvísset, nec, quo terram fóderet, habéret; duo leónes, ex interióre parte solitúdinis veniéntes, uníus hóminis capácem locum effodérunt. Tum Antónius humáto córpore ac túmulo compósito, ábiit, túnicam Pauli ex palmárum fóliis contéxtam secum déferens; quo vestítu diébus solemnióribus Paschæ et Pentecóstes, quoad vixit, usus est.
V. Tu autem, Dómine, miserére nobis.
R. Deo grátias.

Reading 3
Paul, originator and master of the eremitic life, was born in the lower Thebaid. When the Persecution of Decius and Valerian was raging, he withdrew to a cave in the desert. Here, with a palm tree providing him with both food and clothing; he lived a most holy life. He had reached the age of a hundred and thirteen years when Anthony, then ninety years old came to visit him. Paul received him warmly. After they had spent the night in conversing about holy things, Paul said that his death was at hand and asked Anthony to go and get the cloak given him by Athanasius to use as a winding sheet. Anthony went to do this and, as he was on his way back he saw Paul's soul going up to heaven. His body he found in his cell, still in the attitude of prayer. When he had chanted the customary hymns, he wrapped the body in the cloak, but had nothing to dig a grave with. Thereupon two lions came from deep in the desert and hollowed out a place large enough to hold a men's body. Anthony buried the body arranged the grave and went away taking with him the tunic which Paul had woven for himself from palm-leaves. Thereafter he always wore this cloak on the great feasts of Easter and Pentecost.
V. But thou, O Lord, have mercy upon us.
R. Thanks be to God.

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